The Legendary Tsabmim Xyooj signs with Yellow Diamond Records, LLC

Yellow Diamond Records is excited to announce the addition of Tsabmim Xyooj to the YDR Family. After almost 15 years, Tsabmim Xyooj is finally back in the studio. She is currently working on a new album project and is planning to release it next summer.

“Tsabmim is a music Legend in our community and her songs like Valentine Kua Muag Poob has touched so many people’s heart” said Tre Xiong, CEO of Yellow Diamond Records LLC. “I grew up listening to Tsabmim’s music and watching her movies with Luj Yaj and I am just thrilled to be producing her next three albums.” Tsabmim will also be going on a 6-city tour with the rest of YDR’s roster to Milwaukee, Tulsa, Detroit, Athens, Sacramento, and Saint Paul.

In addition to new music, Tsabmim has started her company Tsabmim Xyooj International Services, LLC. The company will provide music production, voice and singing lessons and many other services.

Tsabmim Xyooj is most famous for Valentine Kua Muag Poob and her duet with Luj Yaj, Luag Ntxhi Tos Leej Twg. She started her singing career at the age of 13 in the early 90s and has over 15 albums.

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For more information, promo requests, or to set up an interview, please contact Tre Xiong at 2097694180 or

Tsabmim Xyooj Singer / Songwriter New 2017 YDR Artist

Tsabmim Xyooj
Singer / Songwriter
New 2017 YDR Artist